Total Brand Safety.

Protecting your brand.

Know what damages brands.

Determine how much your brand is endangered on the net and evaluates periodic financial and reputation losses. Our continuous audit (24/7/365) offers you comprehensive controls, specialist knowledge, and specific legal options for action for each type of damage.

Automated advertising needs automated control

Risky online communication requires neutral, structured control for brand security.


Neutralität / Lösungsstategien /

Control the first impression

Regionalized queries identify fraudsters outside your query location.

«Brand Safety» is created by monitoring the booking behavior of all trading partners (affiliates) and competitors. The „Wild West“ atmosphere of the net requires early cognition and partly aggressive countermeasures.

Avoid scandals for your brand

Check trust information (+/-) circulating in the network in real time.

Our research capacity reduces your management of reputational damage. Impulsive consumer opinions require short reaction times to protect your brand.




Wie gefährdet ist Ihre Marke?

Universum definieren

Markenschäden definieren


und Priorisierung

Definition der Massnahmen

From damage assessment to redress

Presentation of transmission chains via legally compliant documentation (proof of evidence).

Recognition of relevance for brand management through fact-based damage calculations. Indication of the legal fields of action per damage type.

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